Naty, brazilian, 21 years old, cancer, INFP.

multifandom stuff ✤ art ✤ animation ✤ illustration ✤ movies ✤ fanarts ✤ mangas and animes ✤ food ✤ photography ✤ fashion ✤ nature ✤ games

ps.: makoharu took my life

/sometimes nsfw/


Sidebar image by: sdurorhr.tumblr

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That art is absolutely stunning. Thank you for introducing me to that blog. Thank you for everything you post, really. You're wonderful. <3

Aah, thanks for telling me this! I’ve just discovered that blog and I’m overwhelmed with all the pretty art. (I was even concerned if my reblogs were too much and if people would think I’m making spam. But knowing you appreciate it made me relieved. :3) I’m glad you share the same thought.

And thank you for the compliment, this makes me really happy! You’re sweet! <3

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